Poems by Morgan Hensley

I want to take a chance to thank the editors of Assonance Literary Magazine for publishing my collection of poems. This newly-founded publication is based out of Richmond, Virginia. Please take a moment to view their blog and consider sending submissions.

as·so·nance (n.)

Note from author: I am a senior at William and Mary studying English and Poetry. Attached is a collection of five poems, all grouped together and titled “Cornus Florida: Flowering Dogwood.” The reason for the anthologization is due to the presence of dogwoods in each of the poems. Dogwoods have a rich symbolic history, and I hope to add further interpretations and symbolism. That being said, the poems are not dependent on one another; they can stand on their own.

Cornus florida: Flowering Dogwood

The Yearling

Beagles bayed as they trotted out from dogwood grove
into frostslated meadow, glowing with dawn.
The hunt master followed in a red flash
on a retired race mare, Flowering Judas,
and looked out onto the briared valleys
surrounding a pound sheeted with sparse ice.

The hounds began to swirl and howl
at each other, confused by something unseen.
A stillness came over the pack…

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