What Graduation, Buddhism, And Life All Have In Common

Big thanks to Thought Catalog for giving me my first widespread exposure. Readers, be sure to venture on over to their site every once and a while, there is truly something for everyone there.

Thought Catalog

The day of my graduation, I was sitting in my nearly empty room. On my desk was a copy of Siddhartha, some sheets of blank looseleaf, and a pen. There was a grad party going on downstairs, and the pulsating music and nostalgic cheers to friends-since-freshman-year shook the floor beneath my feet. My hands were shaking too, but not from the blaring Disclosure remix or from the overzealous tequila shots. Rather, my uneasiness was a result of a lack a sleep, a sense of post-grad uncertainty that was beginning to manifest itself, and a particularly unfortunate and acute case of writer’s block. 

As is the case with many stories, there was also a girl behind it all. But this girl was not my Muse, nor was she my last-chance-now-or-never crush. She was the sort of friend I’d spent boozy nights with, looking up at the stars and feeling at once fragile and…

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