I Am From (#tbt to 7th Grade)

There have been a handful of moments in my life thus far where my words have been clearer than my thoughts; I’ve either written or said more than I was able to imagine. This poem, perhaps one of the first I’d ever written, was the first time I ever noticed this phenomenon of language.

I Am From

I am from the ivy laden
stones of my house,
the green leaves circling
around the tall chimney.

I am from the vibrations
that run up my legs as
I bomb down the black
asphalt against urethane.

I am from my front balcony
sitting in a rocking chair
sipping cold lemonade as
seeds fall from a maple.

I am from fast fingers
and souldful grooves
that come from the melodies
of my guitar.

I am from wet dogs
shaking orbs of water
off after being outside
in hard rain for hours.

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